Monday, February 5, 2018

21st Century Cohort 3.0 Graduation

After three years of hard work and dedication, members of the 21st Century Cohort 3.0 celebrated their graduation on January 23rd. Principals, family members, and friends joined together to honor their accomplishments on this special occasion.

Every school that participated in Cohort 3.0 was asked to create a digital story that captured their cohort journey and demonstrated evidence of personal and student growth. Digital stories came in all shapes and sizes, including videos created in WeVideo, Powtoon, Sock Puppets, and even an I Am Poem. Check out some of their videos below:

Molly Kirk, Foothill Elementary

Bethany Konz, Louisville Middle School

Kristin Bialick, Birch Elementary

Molly Hoverstock, Casey Middle School

When teachers were given the chance to share a brief word about their three years in the 21st Century Cohort, some of the highlights included:

  • Appreciation of a risk-free environment to try new tools and strategies
  • Gratefulness for the opportunity to extend their own learning
  • The benefits of collaborating and learning together in a community over three years
  • Excitement about new connections that were developed as a result of this cohort
  • The cohort was not about tech, but about connections, collaborations, and pedagogy

It was a great honor to work with this talented group of leaders and risk-takers over three years. We wish them the very best in their classrooms and school buildings as they continue to learn, reflect, and share.

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