Friday, July 31, 2015

Ed Tech PD Year in Review, 2014-15

2014-15 was a great year for Ed Tech professional development at BVSD. Each year more teachers are attending PD and leading PD at schools, district events, and state/regional conferences. This year, BVSD teachers attended PD ranging from site-based trainings to full day events, like Chrome Learning Days and Digi Day. It’s a trend we know will continue as the culture of PD continues to spread throughout the district. Our ongoing efforts to nurture talent, in collaboration with other leaders in BVSD, supports the BVSD Success Effect.

This year we summarized our PD using a tool called Piktochart, which is an online app for creating infographics. Below is an excerpt—click here to view the full version in a web browser.
Ed Tech PD 2014-15 Slide 1.jpg

We have some amazing PD planned for the 2015-16 school year. On August 3 & 4 we kicked off our year of learning with our first multi-day event, Digi Fest. If you couldn't attend, you can visit the Digi Fest site for links to presenter materials, or you can see a virtual archive by searching the Twitter hashtag #digifestbvsd.

We will also be hosting the Google for Education Summit at BVSD for the third year in a row. This very popular event will be on October 10 & 11 at Monarch High.

Are you excited to find an upcoming PD? Are you trying to find materials from an event you attended recently? We collect PD events and materials in one convenient place: our Professional Development page. We hope you bookmark this page and use it as a starting point for finding your next Ed Tech PD.

Finally, another great way to learn about future events is to connect with us on Twitter, @BVSDEdTech. We share lots of fun and thought-provoking ed tech news, including our upcoming PD. Give us a tweet!