Wednesday, March 27, 2013

21st Century Teacher Librarians

As we continue to create innovative 21st Century educators and students in BVSD, we must also embark on a journey to create 21st Century libraries and learning centers. Recently, our teacher librarians and the Library Advisory Council developed a white paper and strategic plan to envision this evolving role of the teacher librarian. This plan drew upon resources from the Colorado Department of Education, the American Association of School Librarians, and teacher librarian expertise as part of the collaboration and revision process.

The strategic plan documents how the role of the teacher librarian is moving beyond the four walls of the library and into opportunities that include developing online collaboration and communities, teaching digital literacy and citizenship, as well as providing equitable access to information in a variety of formats and mediums.

Ultimately, the mission of the BVSD teacher librarian is to “provide equitable access for students and teachers to 21st century libraries staffed by 21st century librarians in order to create a culture of lifelong learners and a community of digital citizens” (BVSD Teacher Librarian Mission Statement, 2013).

As our teacher librarians continue to develop and grow, we invite you to explore the following resources to help you gain an understanding of the role they are pursuing. These websites will continue to evolve as our teacher librarians work towards becoming 21st century learners and leaders.

Our belief that “the school library functions as a vital instrument in the educational process, not as a separate entity isolated from the total school program, but involved in the teaching and learning process” empowers our teacher librarians to move beyond the four walls of their libraries to impact student learning and engagement and to collaborate with teachers and staff. (International Association of School Librarianship, 2003)

In order to see the growth and journey of our teacher librarians this year, we invite you to attend  our Teacher Librarian PLC Showcase at the end of the year as a way to see the various projects and collaborations they have participated in this year. Check out the commercial below!