Monday, January 11, 2016

The BVSD Leadership Cohort

The BVSD Leadership Cohort, a group of district and building leaders, gathered for the first time on November 29th to explore digital leadership and innovation.

During our November time together, we facilitated experiences that included:

A Walk Through Time: We divided into groups based on decade of graduation, and while this provided a few laughs, it also helped set the stage for where we’ve been.

Group Discussion: We read the introduction to the book Teaching Digital Natives by Marc Prensky and participants identified the statements that they agreed with, disagreed or hesitated to accept as well as their “all-in” statements--meaning they completely believed in that idea.


Vision-Casting: Utilizing the work of the BVSD Success Effect, Innovation Guidelines (in draft form) and Future Ready Schools, participants divided into groups based on levels (elementary, middle, secondary and district) and created a statement of needs in order to support the innovation and success effect visions.

Finally, participants reflected on their hopes and visions for the future of this time together:

Our upcoming professional development day is Friday, January 15th, from 8:30-11:30am at Southern Hills Middle School.

During this time, participants will reflect back on our first day together and discuss engaging with the community within the school/district and beyond. This connection and collaboration is important for leaders as they build their personal learning network of support and expertise.

The goal of this professional development is to provide time for BVSD leaders to think about how digital leadership is a necessity to the fulfillment of the BVSD Success Effect and the commitment of our district to be future-ready.