Thursday, March 31, 2016

21st Century Cohort 1.0 Graduation!

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The first BVSD 21st Century Cohort (1.0) launched December 11th, 2012, beginning a three-year journey of learning, leading and inspiration. On March 9th, 2016, this group of dedicated educators experienced the culmination of their learning throughout their time as Cohort 1.0 with a graduation ceremony celebrating their leadership and successes.

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Cohort 1.0 teachers captured their three-year journey in online portfolios. During this graduation ceremony, each teacher shared a reflection through student work and final videos showcasing his or her own learning, growth and leadership while in the cohort.

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Check out some of these incredible products below!
  • Angevine Middle School teachers and students reflect on the impact of the cohort at their school 

  • New Vista Teachers enlist the help of students to tell their stories and how technology impacts the students See the video on their online portfolio!
  • Centennial Middle School teacher, Josh Feiger, shares an action research plan evaluating the engaging power of peer writing review using online resources.
  • Broomfield High School teacher, Kay Davidson, explains how her time in the cohort impacted her instruction, students and their entire school as they moved 1:Web in her reflection video

See all of our cohort teachers’ amazing portfolios online!
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Throughout this evening, Cohort 1.0 teachers shared how this learning and work impacted their lives beyond the classroom--five teachers shared that they began postgraduate work in educational technology (or related field) in extending their education! Many have presented at conferences locally and regionally, and some even nationally. Their willingness to share their learning is what has made this group special and will continue to impact their students, staff and schools beyond their work in the cohort.
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As part of this work in the cohort, BVSD teacher librarians shared a support and leadership role in their schools and with these teachers. You can read and see more of their own reflections of their time in the cohort here!

Thank you to the teachers and librarians of Cohort 1.0; for your leadership, vision, passion, and excitement. You continue to influence your students, schools, BVSD and the work of the Sucess Effect, future-ready schools and innovation!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Colorado Playground @ISTE2016

Part of the excitement for ISTE 2016 is the opportunity for the Colorado educational community to share ideas and experiences through the Innovative Education Colorado (InnEdCO) ISTE Playground.

Image from ISTE2014 Playground
An ISTE playground is a place to explore experiential environments and "play" with interactive technologies and ideas that enhance creativity and learning.

These playgrounds are collaborative, experiential and engaging opportunities for participants to connect and explore!

See the Makers Playground from ISTE 2015:

The Colorado Playground is entitled: Innovative Education Playground “Taking transformational learning to new heights across Colorado”.

Interested in presenting at the Colorado playground? Please complete this short application - By April 1, 2016. We know that many of you have incredible ideas, resources and energy and have transformed your classrooms--this is an opportunity for you to share that experience with others!

Consider submitting a demonstration table or stage presentation to engage attendees in innovative teaching and learning opportunities. Join educators from around the globe in sharing and learning at ISTE2016!