Monday, January 23, 2017

Ed Tech & Innovation Professional Development

The instructional shifts that teachers and leaders are making as BVSD builds innovative learning spaces and schools are complex and require time and learning experiences that model what educators aspire to see implemented in their classrooms and schools. Innovation & Ed Tech workshops have supported innovative teaching and learning practices as described in The Success Effect, BVSD’s Innovation Guiding Principles and the ISTE Standards for Students and Teachers, and with the upcoming Innovate@BVSD (June 7th & 8th), there will be even more opportunities for teachers and leaders around the district to explore, learn and grow together.

These teams provide direct support to:
These teams provided 95 different professional learning opportunities for teachers and leaders in 2015-16. Check out their year in review! The events offered district-wide opportunities that were open to any educator as well as professional learning opportunities that were designed and delivered to meet specific needs of a school or group of learner cohorts.

These teams consistently align their work to the broader work of The Success Effect by decreasing the digital divide through providing digital resources to our staff and students. 84% of our leaders have connected their learning to the district vision of “graduating successful, curious, lifelong learners!”

Both Ed Tech and Innovation are making every attempt possible to provide an equitable distribution of opportunities for all professional groups.

These teams also believe strongly in empowering teachers who are pioneering challenging, engaging and meaningful learning opportunities in BVSD. Almost all full day district training events were facilitated by teacher leaders in partnership with the Ed Tech and Innovation teams.

Specific examples include;

This work in BVSD places these teams in leadership roles for peer districts. Two of the largest professional development events (Google Apps for Education Summit and Innovate@BVSD) were attended by educators from all over the Front Range.

Survey responses show the excitement that is generated in PD sessions specifically with the direction that the district is heading with embracing future ready learning practices and environments.
As the 2016-2017 school year continues, these teams are looking forward to increasing opportunities that support Professional Learning by continuing to host personalized school PD as well as provide district-wide events. Check the PD calendar for more opportunities and join in the learning, collaboration, and fun!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Digital Storytelling Course @BVSD!

Ed Tech is excited to offer Digital Storytelling, a new blended learning professional development opportunity!


Why should I sign up for this course?

If you are looking to increase student engagement, revitalize an upcoming unit, explore new digital tools and learn in a collaborative community, then this course is for you! This course is appropriate for all grades and subject areas.

Experiences will include
  • Creating an original Digital Story
  • Participating in a Digital Storytelling Technology Bootcamp
  • Exploring Publishing Practices
  • Planning for Digital Storytelling in your Own Classroom
And more!

Join us beginning Tuesday, January 17th! See registration information here--looking forward to seeing you in January!