Monday, January 22, 2018

1:Web Expands in BVSD with a New Cohort!

As we begin the new year, one of the highlights for the educational technology team is the expansion of BVSD’s 1:Web program! BVSD began visioning a 1:Web initiative in 2013 and instituted a pilot program in 2014-2015. The board approved the 1:Web program for 5th-12th grade in March 2017, leading the way for this expansion.

After a successful pilot at Centaurus High and Broomfield High, we have extended digital access and equity to seven new schools this year: Arapahoe Ridge High, Boulder Universal, Nederland Middle/High, New Vista High, Angevine Middle, Aspen Creek Middle, and Broomfield Heights Middle. All 9th graders (at the participating high schools) and 6th graders (at the participating middle schools) will be receiving Chromebooks in January 2018!

This is a picture collage of Boulder Valley School District teachers and administrators working together. Each picture has a representative group from one of the new 1:Web schools.

Although we are excited about the Chromebooks in our 1:Web schools, the 1:Web program is much more than the device. Teachers and administrators have been meeting as a cohort since last May to prepare and learn from each other. At each school, the staff has engaged in professional development about how to use technology to truly enhance student learning, focusing on the 4 Cs: creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. The 1:Web program is also a key piece of our efforts to address the digital divide in BVSD and give all students an equal opportunity to learn.

This is a picture of two students using a Chromebook, an iPad, and WeVideo software in a classroom.
Photo cred: Jill Williams @jillcolo
Students are receiving direct instruction in digital citizenship, as well as practical tips about how to care for their device. They are also engaging in conversations about when it is appropriate to use these tools and when they need to be put away. Many of the 1:Web schools are using this as an opportunity to have students create their own digital citizenship messages. Check out the picture below of Arapahoe Ridge students creating video projects to teach other students about digital citizenship using WeVideo, Chromebooks, iPads and more. As our world becomes an increasingly digital place, it is more important than ever for educators to incorporate these conversations into the classroom! A YouTube playlist has been created to share these student creations. Check back as this resource continues to grow.

This is a picture of a crowded library at the school. Parents and students are at tables while the principal, Chris Meyer delivers comments at the front of the room.

Schools are actively involving their parents every step of the way. The 1:Web program would not be a success without the partnership between the schools and their families. Prior to implementing the program, each school has invited families to engage in a discussion and demonstration regarding instructional and learning shifts in classrooms. At each meeting, teachers and administrators outline the why, the process that the school has taken, the professional development that the schools and students are undergoing, and how parents can continue to stay involved as the journey progresses. 

This is a picture collage of Boulder Valley School District teachers on special assignment working together. Each picture has a few people collaborating and team building.

We are excited for all of the learning that will occur with the approximately 800 devices we are deploying in January! Additionally, we look forward to implementing the 1:Web Cohort 2.0 with new middle and high schools who will be joining the program in the 2018-2019 school year.

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