Friday, September 26, 2014

Best of Innovative Education Colorado (InnEdCo) For BVSD, Part 2

Best of Innovative Education Colorado (InnEdCo) For BVSD, Part 2

A few weeks ago you read the top 5 experiences at the InnEdCo conference held at Copper Mountain Resort, June 2014. Today we have the remaining top 10

6. iPiccy -  This free image editor gives professionals and novices alike the ability to create amazing and fun images. Whether you need an app to touch up a few snapshots or want to create an educational poster. No registration required, so check it out!

7. PiktoChart - Add oomph to your infographics! Piktochart can create a truly great looking infographic. The selection of premade imagery available is impressive, from backgrounds to basic shapes to themed clip art from all kinds of topics. Check it out now!

8. Connections to our BVSD Mission and Vision and strategic planning - BVSD leadership was highlighted at the keynote. By sharing via the conference and social media, Twitter, Google Plus, etc., we attract leaders and teachers to BVSD. By attending the conference, we highlight the importance of learning and professional development as stated in our strategic plan, mission and vision. Every session at the InnEdCo conference connected to the teacher effectiveness standards in BVSD, not just the technology integration standard. BVSD had 20 different teachers/leaders present at Innovative Education Colorado compared to only 3 people from BVSD presenting in 2011. Very exciting!

IMG_4085.JPG9. Connections and face-to-face collaboration with colleagues across Colorado - Educators are always making connections, whether face-to-face or online. Our great state of Colorado has very active Professional Learning Networks that are being used to collaborate and share resources. InnEdCo provides people the opportunity to meet like-minded educators with the same passions and aspirations. This year at InnEdCo was no different! And the connections don’t stop when the conference ends—check out #InnEdCo and #InnEdCo14 on Twitter for continued conversations.

Regina Hoskins,
Southern Hills Middle School

10. The Power of Social Media for Leaders - Any social media tool should enhance your face-to-face meetings and communication with stakeholders (families, students, staff and community). Don’t rely solely on technology to communicate. Whether you are a leader in your district, building, or classroom this presentation will give you key ideas on how to use social media as a tool to enhance your “two-way” communication. Check it out!

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