Thursday, February 21, 2019

EdTech PD- A Year in Review

In the 2017-2018 school year, EdTech offered 65 different professional learning opportunities that over
1000 educators took advantage of. These opportunities support CO state standards and BVSD Teacher effectiveness standards.

High-quality PD is vital to the success of our students in future endeavors post-high school. Whether that
be college, career or vocational training, our goal is to ensure BVSD students are prepared
for the world economy they will enter. Our educators are dedicated to learning the latest innovative
teaching strategies and besides PD and workshops, over 4000 BVSD employees checked out
Professional Learning Books and Audiobooks from the BVSD PL OverDrive library which contains
200+ PL titles. The continued desire for Professional Learning from BVSD educators is inspiring and
EdTech will continue to create and offer Face to Face, Blended, and Online Professional Learning
opportunities for those who want to learn. Currently, we are developing a series of PD modules that are
a single topic, brief, and connected to other modules to provide anywhere, anytime PD. These will be ready Summer, 2019.

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