Friday, May 5, 2017

Summer Learnin' Part Two

Let’s review the awesome conferences we have available to us this summer in Summer Learnin' Part One.

Learning at home, from your couch, or the beach? Dive in with these options...

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Educational Leader/ Keynote Speaker
Where will they be?
Book(s)- on OverDrive?
Innovate@BVSD keynote June 7
InnEdCO Leadership Academy June 12
InnEdCO Google Academy June 12
InnEdCO Opening keynote June 13
InnEdCO Featured Speaker June 14
InnEdCO Featured Speaker June 15
ISTE keynote June 25
Podcast: Radiolab
ISTE keynote June 27
GAFE keynote Nov. 2017
ISTE keynote June 28

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