Thursday, September 24, 2015

Digital Workflow

Are your students engaged in creative, collaborative, engaging online work? If you answered yes, then digital workflow has crossed your mind. Digital workflow is a term that encompasses the tools and processes we use to keep our classrooms running smoothly.

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When implementing technology tools, teachers should choose strategies and apps to support learning goals and personalized instruction while establishing a digital workflow that creates classrooms where students have increased access, communication, and the ability to submit work in an efficient manner. When determining what your digital classroom workflow should look like, consider the following:

How will students:
How will teachers:
Access assignments and digital content provided by the teacher?
Curate and organize digital materials?
Publish work or submit work to teacher?
Communicate with students and parents?
Collaborate with classmates on assignments?
Post assignments?
Participate in online conversations?
Return assessed work to students?
Store digital content they have created?
Create and deliver formative and summative assessments?
Edit and manage content produced for class assignments?
Reinforce principles of digital citizenship?

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BVSD teachers have access to many tools that simplify the digital workflow process including Google Drive, Google Classroom and Schoology.

With Google Drive, students and teachers can access all of their digital content from anywhere and on any device. When paired with the Google Apps suite (Docs, Slides, and Sheets), the user can collaborate with anyone at anytime.

Google Classroom weaves together Google Docs, Drive, and Gmail so teachers can create and collect assignments paperlessly. Within Classroom, teachers can create an assignment, use it in multiple classes, and choose how students complete the assignment (for example, whether each student receives an individual copy or all students work in the same copy of the assignment). The teacher can track who has completed the assignment and who hasn't, and provide feedback to individual students. Additionally, teachers can post announcements, calendars, and start discussion threads with their students.

Schoology is a new Learning Management System available this year to all BVSD teachers. It can be a powerful addition to your digital workflow. Teachers can create courses where they can post assignments, hold discussion threads, embed videos and docs. Students can submit work and participate in discussions within pages of Schoology courses. We often hear the question, “Which should I use, Google Classroom or Schoology?”, and our answer is—both! Start out with Google Classroom to organize your digital workflow and when you are ready to take your classroom to the next level by flipping and blending instruction, it’s time to add in Schoology. You won’t be disappointed!

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