Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Professional Development at BVSD

Attendance is on the rise at Ed Tech professional development opportunities, and not just at our many in-district trainings. More and more teachers and administrators are attending regional, state, and national events, then bringing back what they learn to their schools. A growing number of teachers are increasing their presence outside the district by presenting at conferences and collaborating with nationally recognized educators. This cycle of learning and sharing through high-quality professional development is helping to create a culture of learning while integrating technology, which is in alignment with the mission and vision of BVSD.

The Ed Tech team provides many opportunities for staff to engage in professional development throughout the year. We have even been able to fund attendees to regional and national events. This school year, we are excited to offer many venues to collaborate with colleagues and experts both inside and outside of the district. Upcoming opportunities include:

Ongoing professional learning groups

  • Teacher librarians and technology contacts attend monthly
  • 21st Century Cohort members meet throughout the year and participate in an online community


  • BVSD Technology in Education (TIE) Learning Day - Nov 2, 2013
  • Chrome Learning Day - Oct 29, 2013
  • iPad Learning Day - 120 attendees in April 2013, another coming up April 2014


  • Core Software
    • Core Software Open House - Sept 25, 2013
    • Elementary Core Software Days - Oct 21, 2013
    • Secondary Core Software Days - Oct 28, 2013
    • Core Software PD Digital Storytelling - Nov 6, 2013
    • Core Software PD Flipped Classroom - Feb 26, 2014
    • Core Software PD Social Networking - Apr 23, 2014
  • Google Ninja refresher training - Feb 5, 2014

Full-length conferences

  • InnEdCo Conference (formerly TIE) - June 2014
    • In 2013 we were able to fund 40 attendees
  • Colorado Association of School Libraries (CASL) - Sep 28, 2013
    • We are funding 8 teacher librarians to attend
  • Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Rocky Mountain Summit - Aug 2014
    • In 2013 we had 121 attendees from BVSD, 9 of whom were also presenters--there were over 300 people from around the country at this event!

We encourage teachers and administrators to take advantage of professional development opportunities offered by BVSD and outside the district. Visit our PD Opportunities website for a current calendar of events, and read more details about what’s in store this year on our Ed Tech blog.

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